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Landcare Europe

LANDCARE EUROPE – the network that brings together agriculture, nature conservation and communities for biodiversity, resilient ecosystems and quality of life in our European cultural heritage landscapes.

We promote

... land management in Natura 2000 areas and beyond that sustains or regenerates healthy soils, clean water and air, stable habitats, rich biodiversity and diverse landscapes in Europe and helps to mitigate climate change.


We work

... in a cooperative approach with land users, farmers, local communities, nature conservation organisations, political authorities and decisionmakers to preserve and restore biodiversity and resilience in our European landscapes in a contemporary, innovative and sustainable manner.


We offer

... competent advice and knowledge exchange on all aspects of preserving landscapes in Europe. We bring together expertise from agriculture and forestry, nature conservation and politics, network the stakeholders. We support our members by representing and promoting their interests and experiences at national and European level.


Dear European community,

we are happy to announce to you, that the 

Founding Conference on 7 June 2023 at the European Parliament in Brussels 

was successful. In close cooperation with our partners from Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain and Romania we celebrated the foundation of LANDCARE EUROPE as umbrella organisation for Landcare in Europe. As network we want to establish the successful “cooperative approach” between agriculture, nature conservation and municipalities throughout Europe to preserve the diversity of the European agricultural heritage landscapes across national borders.

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We consult and work with

  • > 100,000 farmers
  • > 1000 citizens
  • > 600 political stakeholders

…on the local, regional, national and EU level

The farmers, we work with

  • represent more than 100.000 individuals and organisations who
  • cultivate grasslands, farmland, wetlands and special crops
  • in a conventional or non-conventional manner
  • on farms stretching from <1 ha to >1.000 ha
  • on private, public and communal land
  • as family businesses or agri-businesses

Landcare Europe

  • has 9 founding members (status May 2023)
  • represents more than 250 Landcare organisations
  • has more than 2000 employees
  • collaborates with 29 countries on projects, field visits and knowledge exchange